Monday, June 11, 2012

Behind the scenes of a review at MWAB

So I've been addicted to Red Rock Deli Corn Chips lately! But the review post I had originally planned for them did NOT turn out how I thought it would!

Come behind the scenes with me..

I had a lovely blog post all thought out for you - my plan was to take a lovely pic of my little family all playing outside for the afternoon, snacking on our new corn chips with some good cheese, some salsa, etc and generally having a lovely relaxing time.

We were given 3 different flavours to try out:

  • Trio of cheeses
  • Sea Salt
  • Fire roasted red chilli & lime (oh boy, these were my hot, and SO good!)

The weather was too cold the first day I planned our little picnic afternoon tea, so instead of styling up a photo opp outside I just opened a pack and we snacked on them inside - they didn't last long.

Oh well, we still have 2 packs left.

Then a couple of days later I noticed a second pack had disappeared... turns out the Husband has given them to his Mum and Dad to try after raving about them.

No problem, we have a pack left - I can still do my pretty picnic snacking photo on the weekend.

Then this happened on the Friday night:

Yes, that's the Husband with the last packet of corn chips. Opened. Eating them.

At least he was nice enough to share them with me (ok - I snatched the packet away from him and ate the rest)!

Man, I wish we still had some left now - it's so cold and rainy here today, a nice spicy snack would be perfect :)

Do you like spicy food?

xx Marissa


I received complimentary packs of RRD Corn Chips for this review. My favourite is definitely the Fire Roasted Red Chilli & Lime, but Trio of Cheeses nearly won ;)

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