Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Thirty Things Challenge

My friend Dorothy at Singular Insanity is currently running The 30 Things Challenge - where we list 30 of our positive qualities.

I LOVE this idea, especially for mums - we spend so much time cramming as much as we can into our day to help out our family that sometimes we forget we are people too - wonderful, kind, beautiful people who should be focusing on ourselves a bit as well :)

So here's my entry - just off the top of my head while baby Georgia sleeps and Sophie is out at the library with her Nan & Pop..

The 30 things challenge: write down thirty of your positive qualities: things that you, or others, like about you.
  1. I'm a really positive, happy person
  2. I help busy mums
  3. I sing and dance with my kids and don't care how silly I look
  4. I'm a good cook
  5. I'm organised
  6. I LOVE my family & friends
  7. I have pretty hair
  8. I manage my time well
  9. I tell my girls (and husband) I love them everyday
  10. I play bad cop well when my girls are naughty
  11. I make amazing muffins
  12. I make making beds fun
  13. I support my local cinema by going to the movies many, many times
  14. I care about people
  15. I love a challenge
  16. I always have a good reason for doing things
  17. I make great tea and coffee
  18. I tell people when they look lovely
  19. I donate to at least 3 charities every year
  20. I'm getting better at saying no, but saying it nicely
  21. I find easier ways to do stuff
  22. I'm creative
  23. I love to read
  24. I make great kids tents out of blankets and chairs
  25. I share what I know and love
  26. I don't stress when my kids watch TV
  27. I'm always learning
  28. I take time for ME without feeling guilty
  29. I appreciate everything the Husband does for us and don't give him a hard time about playing golf ;)
  30. I dress to suit my figure but don't panic if I don't look perfect
What are the things you love about YOU?

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  1. You must teach me this fun bed making technique :-)

    I love your list. So many things on here are not and will never be on mine... Except the TV watching thing. I really must support my local cinema, too.

    Thank you for taking up the challenge :-)

    1. Thanks Dorothy! I really loved this challenge, it made me so happy :)

  2. Oooohhh I love this. Is its too self gratifying to do it when I have no kids... Puppies count right! lol :)

  3. Sometimes i give my husband a hard time when he plays golf... Love tour list. I've been thinking of doing mine, but haven't gotten around to it, yet. Will I ever?



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