Thursday, October 25, 2012

I heart my body
There's a beautiful movement happening every year thanks to called 
I've never seen so many wonderful, positive posts written by real women with real bodies and I LOVE that I'm joining in this year.

These are a few snaps of my body over the last five years.

In that time I had two babies so there have been some significant changes to my body.

Here's what I love about my body:

1.  I have great legs
2. I have beautiful long hair
3. I have a bright, happy face
4. I have pretty hands

Sometimes I forget the things I love about my body, so it's good to write them here. It will remind me to:

Stand tall & stop slouching
Walk & sit gracefully
Look after my hair
Get more sleep
Be proud of myself
Be a healthy role model to my girls

What do you heart about your body?



  1. I am LOVING all of these beautiful I Heart My Body posts! I find it so hard to sit gracefully and get more sleep. And a bright happy face is a thing to be proud of xx

  2. Beautiful!

    And thanks for the reminder...I too much stop slouching!

  3. Looking after yourself IS loving your body. Great reminders!

  4. I have terrible posture. I remember my mum telling me off for slouching all the time :))

    This day is a great reminder to look for the positives.

  5. Oh i forgot to write in my post that I love my hair too. It's purple now so its more awesome. I did fix my posture after reading your post lol.

  6. Arent these stories just so inspiring and fabulous. I am loving them silly at the moment as I work my way through all the honest and beautiful woman sharing. By the way Marisa you have such a gorgeous gorgeous smile hun xx

  7. I love how we embrace our changing bodies as we move through pregnancy, recoup, then do it all over again! There are so many stages that we have to adapt to.... You are gorgeous! Great post xx

  8. Thank you for your post Marissa; I love the little tips that you have written at the end of your post. Sometimes we do forget what we love about our bodies; but loving them is so important!


  9. You're gorgeous Marissa!
    And I LOVE those pastel colours on you. xx

  10. You do have such a bright happy face! The smile reaches all the way to your eyes - a sign of true beauty x



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