Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beautiful photos for your beautiful family

I love taking photos of my kids, even though I’m terrible at it ;)

Mine are always taken on my iPhone and more often than not they’re dark and shadowy, or my girls have those wooden smiles (“Cheeeese!”), which are adorable, but just don’t capture the moment the way I imagine it will when I take the picture.

I want photos that truly capture the essence of my girls’ personalities - Georgia’s cheeky grin and Sophie’s studious looks when they play together. I want to see the real life loveliness when I look at our family photos - where the pictures match the memory I have of that moment, rather than the usual ‘family poses’ I see in almost every one I take.

Photos that show how happy, and bubbly, and cheeky, and funny, and thoughtful, and playful our girls are!

Photos like this:

Gorgeous. These photos are from caraloren.com.au and they are exactly what I’m talking about - they capture those real life family moments and show the true beauty of them.

Cara’s website gallery is full of bright, happy photos of people in real places like parks, beaches, out & about, or at home. She goes beyond traditional portrait styles and weaves her session into the fun times you have together - your weekend away camping, Christmas craft making, a day with Nanna, or that moment when Dad comes home from a trip.. Beautiful.

Her blog is exactly the same - warm and inviting, with beautiful photos and stories of her own life mixed in. It’s a lovely spot to visit when you want to relax for a few minutes and look at something pretty. Look at this adorable day at Taronga Zoo :)

If you’re looking for photos like these for your family, check out Cara’s website here. She shoots Australia wide and her pricing is all inclusive - you get all of your images on disc so you can print as many you want, as often as you want, in any size. Cara even has a FAQ page that covers things I wouldn’t have thought of, like the best times for pregnancy photos or newborn photos and what to wear on the day of your session. Helpful things like that are what really make a difference to me.

Make sure you go over to Cara’s Facebook page and like it - you’ll love her updates :)



I’m so happy to have Cara on board as a sponsor of Marissa Writes A Blog. Her work fits perfectly with what I’m all about - embracing the beauty of everyday family life!

You’ll see me feature Cara’s logo on the sidebar of my blog for the next few months, so when you’re looking to book in photos for your family, just click on the logo button and it will take you straight to her website.

P.S. I think a set of gorgeous family pics will make for some beautiful Christmas presents!

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