Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting crafty with The Wiggles

I love crafting with my girls, even though I'm terrible at it!

Nothing pretty about our craft, we just get the kit out, dig in, get messy and let ideas come to us as we go..

On this day, Soph asked if we could colour in paper plates, so I got some out, and some paint, and we just started to colour them..

Cut to 3 plates later and we realised we had a green, a purple and a brown plate - so we decided to turn them into friends of the Wiggles ;)

Henry & Wags at the top, Dorothy on bottom left and Captain Feathersword on bottom right

Georgia LOVED it - she's Wiggles obsessed at the moment - which I think is causing friction between me and the Husband, seeing he is team Greg and I am team Sam.. Soph is team Emma and Georgia doesn't seem to care as long as someone's wearing a yellow shirt ;)

Who's your favourite Wiggle?

x Marissa

1 comment:

  1. Ha Ha Ha it's funny about how there's a divide in the family about the wiggles

    My daughter has just got into them and she's only seen videos with Sam.

    Hubby is team 'New Generation' and all for change.

    I wish they had retired together as a group rather than in bits and pieces.

    I would have to say I'm team Sam too.



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